About Kish Valley Roofing

Who We Are

At Kish Valley Roofing, we aim to go above and beyond. Exceeding our customers’ expectations has been the secret to our success and it’s the reason why our past clients refer us to their family and friends time and time again.

Our Facility

Our facility is more than just a warehouse, it is the heartbeat of our operations, where our passion for excellence comes to life. We maintain a comprehensive inventory of high-quality roofing materials, tools, and equipment. This ensures immediate access to the resources needed to commence and complete our clients’ projects promptly and efficiently.

Here For All Your Roofing Needs!

Excellence and Professionalism

Serving Belleville, PA, Kish Valley Roofing has 30 years of experience in interior and exterior remodeling. Specializing in both residential roofing and gutter systems, we provide our clients with the highest level of quality materials needed for their property’s protection.

Licensed and Insured

Our teams are licensed, bonded, and insured, allowing us to serve the community with the most qualified and uncompromising workmanship. In addition, we explore and institute new products and services as they become available to provide our clients the best options with only truly non-prorated warranties.

Personalized Approach

The most important part of our work is making your home remodeling dream come true. You will witness our enthusiasm, pride, and dedication in everything we do, as we are committed to satisfying clients and honoring all commitments made. In considering each home’s needs individually, we provide the ideal solution at a fair price.

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Quality and Affordability

By choosing Kish Valley Roofing, you will receive the best quality at the best price. Our commitment to delivering excellent products to our customers drives us to build and maintain relationships with local manufacturers to be able to provide you with the best guaranteed manufacturer certifications for product installation. 

GAF Lifetime Shingles

Roofs are a key and often-underestimated part of a home’s look. They can represent up to 40% of curb appeal, so its important to consider style and color. Your roof may be one of the largest investments you make in your home, and with so many types and styles, you can find shingles that fit a range of budgets.

3 Tab Shingles

Combined with simple, timeless beauty, each shingle is made with an advanced color sequencing technology, creating a rich and vivid design for any home.

Designer Shingles

Designed to offer a luxury look that complements your home’s exterior color scheme for only pennies-a-day more than standard architectural shingles

Timberline Shingles

Timberline Shingles will give you the modern architectural style you want, at a price you can afford, with rugged, dependable performance that only a Timberline roof can offer.

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